Freedom. For years I’ve explored what freedom means to me and how to reach the state that so many long for in this life. That moment where worldly problems don’t exist and to truly be in the moment.  Art gave that to me.  The feeling of flowing into a vastness of colors and letting the subconscious guide me.  A type of freedom that only comes from connecting to a higher energy and creating through God.  I’ve had several of these moments and felt a similar energy as I walked through the Rei Kawakubo exhibit at the MET.  Her pieces gave so many diverse emotions and felt like different stages of life. Some pieces reminded of the lightness and innocence of childhood, while others gave a very macabre, almost haunting feel.  Rei’s display of her authentic emotions, flamboyant and bold structures and overall freedom, was truly enlightening. To see an artist truly free and freely sharing brought tears to eyes.  Freedom is possible, you just have to dare to reach it.

Images and report by:  Naporje Washington

Fashion Correspondent Naporje Washington

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