In order for you to determine the destiny of one’s community, one must reach back using the success they have accomplished to help those in need. Mr. Raffinee A. J. Gonzalez III represents just that. The iDare Magazine brand adores stories the show people that are not just beautiful but we chose to highlight those stories that are life shifting to its readers.

Author, mentor, investor Raffinee Gonzalez is also a former model & style connoisseur. He has been featured in Upscale Magazine a number of times and Kontrol Magazine. Using his exposure, entrepreneurial & business acumen. He established Gonzalez Business Solutions, LLC in 2011.

Recently he released “Memoirs of a Nomad”. In this book Author, Gonzalez discusses his life journey which solidifies his partnership with the Big Brothers & Sisters of Metro Atlanta, Kids Peace National Center of Georgia just to name a few

Raffinees unapologetic views of socioeconomic factors make him the motivational speaker to beat. I truly believe that Memoirs of Nomad will change the lives of the youth in the world community.

IG: iam_rgonzalez


Twitter: iam_Rgonzalez

Facebook: Raffinee Gonzalez


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