Story by:  Stacey Angela Williams

Every designer looks for placement within a boutique that’s not just amazing visually but one looks for an environment that speaks to the art of creating a garment by the finest of tailors and seamstresses. The owner of the Presence Atelier   Khalid Semper spent fifteen years working for a corporate investment bank. As part of his job, it required extensive traveling all over the world. All along his journey, Khalid developed a keen eye by observing different cultural styles of dress, art, music & cuisine. His exposure to wealth along this journey continued to refine an already budding philosophy on investment in the wardrobe experience.

The P located on 557 Nassau St, City of Orange, NJ 07050 is simply a work of art. I mean this boutique is so much more than what meets the eye. It is the Interiorista Bailey Li that decorated as well as curated the art and furniture for this beautiful space. Every inch is well thought of in extremely specific detail. Including the artwork of famed artist Jerry Gant. Her eye is amazing. Her work has appeared in Vogue Magazine, a series of beautiful commercial spaces and amazing homes. Bailey Li is certainly one to watch. She makes interior spaces into works of art. Both visionaries have created an environment that is a go-to boutique for anyone who understands quality and craftsmanship.

The journey to The Presence Atelier was an eight-year process under a number different names and concepts. It became a priority for visionary Khalid Semper to eliminate the middleman and assure awesome quality and price assurance.   The transparency in product, design, materials and personnel are the pillars of this atelier. As result creating a cultural hub, regardless of location, and hiring Americans was paramount.

This exquisite environment is certainly #IDAREAPROVED. It dares to challenge the average wardrobe experience. I truly know that this is just the beginning of a glorious movement that continues to unite art, fashion and interiors in a town that supports out of the box thinking. Remember you heard it here first. For more information on the Presence Atelier visit: / IG: @thepresenceco. For more information on Bailey Li Interiors visit: IG: @interiorista_baileyli & @designedbybaileyli

For more information on the Presence Atelier visit: / IG: @thepresenceco. For more information on Bailey Li Interiors visit: IG: @interiorista_baileyli & @designedbybaileyli

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