idare-q1_2017This Vocal issue also spotlights some of the few lyrical artists that I personally have viewed as extremely talented and on the cusp of greatness. Life passes us by everyday. Most of us put off dreams till it‘s the New Year and make those resolutions. Why wait for the right moment when you can make your own moments. In 2016, we have come across many individuals that took their lives into their own hands and because of these encounters, I have been enriched beyond measure. This issue touches on some of these people and their journey. Through visual art they‘ve vocalized their experiences and shared their stories with me so I can share it with you. From domestic violence to the trials of depression and self-doubt these individuals pushed passed their comfort zones to do what most are afraid to do…The human desire to Be Free. 
Issue is live January 2nd, 2017!

iDare Magazine Q1-2017

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iDare Magazine Q1-2017

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